Power distribution poles are required especially in populated areas where these poles are more popular because they require less space than lattice towers and are more accepted visually. Weighing of the steel made power distribution poles is approximately 50-70% less than comparable wood structures, the steel poles are easier and less expensive to handle and install.

Design of the power distribution pole has been governed by relevant British and American standards: DD133/ASCE guideline.


  • The power distribution pole is available in various length, diameters and hole arrangements.
  • Multisided or tapered round variations.
  • The power distribution pole covers voltage between 10-220KV.
  • The power distribution pole includes: suspension pole, stain pole and angle pole in different forms.
  • Standard corrosion protection: hot dip galvanising (above and in-ground).
  • Additional in-ground protection is available for special circumstances (soil condition). For example: epoxy coating.
  • Preparation for removable safety steps is available.
  • Cross arms available.

The product specification represents the standard range, but other heights and section sizes can be custom designed to meet specific requirements.